Daily Archives: 07/03/2012

Merlin Business Software’s Ashley Jones reflects on the recent economic downturn and how his Company has reacted to their customers’ needs…

“It is often said that American Economists use the sales figures of luxurious Winnebago motor-homes as a very simple indication of the change in peoples’ spending patterns; clearly when times are tough and money is tight, luxuries like these cannot be afforded.

I dare say that when suggestions of a recession were first muted, I was naturally concerned on the impact that a down-turn, particularly in the construction sector, would have on us, given that any likely expenditure plans that independent merchants might have had for a new IT system would be quite easily be “put on the back burner.”


A busy few weeks of events and seminars …

The Merlin Team were in Glasgow last week, finishing off a busy few weeks of events and seminars taking Merlin out to the masses. The fabulous Glasgow Hilton played host to the Merlin team who welcomed customers old and new for discussions and demonstrations of the latest features in the forthcoming new release of Merlin – which will be made freely available to all Merlin Windows Customers.

Star topics were, again, Merlin’s new Dashboard application – which is being launched as a standard feature within Merlin, as well as the sales and profit benefits afforded by Merlin-enabled Websites, using the comprehensive Merlin Web Services Tool Set.

With follow-up meetings already scheduled, the event was judged to have been the best one North of the Border in recent years.