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What you need to know about PaaS

Most businesses are familiar with cloud computing and its ability to deliver agility, scalability, convenience of anywhere access and drive down costs. However, there is a compelling case for organisations to venture further, utilising “Platform as a Service” (PaaS) to further accelerate innovation.

PaaS accelerates the development and deployment of a variety of applications, whether web-based or mobile, B2B or B2C.

What exactly is PaaS?

PaaS is a cloud-computing platform that is provided online by a cloud services vendor. The platform allows organisations to deploy and run business-critical software in the cloud, without ever having to worry about purchasing, installing or maintaining a sophisticated IT infrastructure: you just get to focus on your business, everything else is done for you, as an on-demand pay-per-use service.


UK manufacturing ‘strongest growth for three years’

The UK’s manufacturing sector picked up further in November to its strongest level for almost three years, according to a closely watched survey.

The Markit/CIPS Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) also showed employment in the sector grew.

The news adds to other recent data showing that the UK economy is putting the economic crisis years behind it.

The PMI stood at 58.4 in November, its highest since February 2011. A reading over 50 indicates growth.


Mobiles to ‘outnumber people’ early next year

Following on from our recent posts on Mobile Strategy and Mobile Technology in the work place, it was interesting to learn that it’s possible that there will be more mobile subscriptions than people in the world by the end of next year; according to a UN agency report.

“Every day we are moving closer to having almost as many mobile cellular subscriptions as people on earth,” said Brahima Sanou, director of the ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau. “The mobile revolution is ‘m-powering’ people in developing countries by delivering ICT applications in education, health, government, banking, environment and business.”

The report also found that 2.7 billion people, almost 40% of the world’s population, are online; Europe has the highest penetration (75%), followed by the Americas (61%). Asia has 32% of its population online, Africa 16%.


Mobile Technology in the work place

builder_mobile-technologyThe idea of having a fully-functional computer on hand at all times has become a reality. With wireless networking, useful applications, and high-speed connectivity, smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly integral commodities to a productive, integrated lifestyle.

The same applies to business.

Taking advantage of this technological advancement through organised use of the correct apps can have a significant, positive impact on your business’s bottom line.

It’s important to consider how you’re currently using technology to promote and sell your products and services, as it’s vastly becoming our first point of call for sourcing products online.


New Merlin user saves thousands in Postage Costs!!

Abra Weld of Pocklington in East Yorkshire recently celebrated their first anniversary of being a Merlin user. To coincide with this, our North East Regional Account Manager Richard Mallender, visited Abra Weld`s General Manager John Hankinson, for a regular account review meeting. It was during this meeting that some absolutely astonishing Merlin made savings came to light.

Richard picks up the story “I was delighted to hear that Merlin is proving to be a resounding success for Abra Weld, particularly with the sales order processing staff, as John told me that his staff absolutely love the ease of use and additional sales opportunities that Merlin has helped to create”. Whilst the figure of additional lines in sales orders Merlin has created was thought to be substantial, the team at Abra Weld are too busy to make a note of every single one for John to give me a precise figure during our meeting.

However, John also mentioned that because Abra Weld now fax and email a high proportion of invoices, statements etc they made a staggering 40% saving on postage costs when comparing their last two financial years. This saving runs into the thousands of pounds and is even more impressive when you take into consideration that Merlin was only in operation for 9 months of the latter financial year. The figure given was also just purely postage costs, not the saving on stationary or the staff time cost stuffing the envelopes!

John and I worked out that taking the extra sales and increased efficiencies that Merlin has provided out of the equation, Merlin will have paid for its self in just under 4 years on postage savings alone… plus the Pocklington postman must have a much shorter round now!