Favourite Merlin Features

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“What is your favourite Merlin feature and why?”


Favourite module/ feature?


What do you most like about the feature?

Time Saving.

What benefits have you seen to your job role/ business since using the feature?

The CRM App has been very beneficial to our company as it saves time and our salesman who is out on off the office is able to enter sales orders or quotes and get the information sent into the office quickly which then means our customers get their goods quicker.

Janine BrysonExtratec Progressive Ltd
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Customers Testimonials

John Taylor Fasteners
How has Merlin helped your business grow?
Merlin has allowed us to better define our activity in a number of market places. When we were purely servicing the fasteners it was a very narrow and bespoke field, we had to learn as we go with that diversification, and the quality of information we have been able to extract from Merlin has allowed us to act upon and grow into new places.
What are your favourite Merlin features?
The elements of Merlin we have particularly appreciated as a business are it’s a very simple package to pick up. It’s a very intuitive learning curve for new staff joining the business. Being a small family company and not having a dedicated IT department, or training HR department it’s a very important asset in terms of cost and how easily it integrates new staff into the business.
Equally there are other benefit…
Mark GosneyCommercial Manager, John Taylor Fasteners