Favourite Merlin Features

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“What is your favourite Merlin feature and why?”

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Favourite module/ feature?

Purchase Order Processing (POP)

What do you most like about the feature?

Very simple and easy to use.

What benefits have you seen to your job role/ business since using the feature?

My Job has become a lot easier with regards to using the POP feature, I find the Suggested purchase orders option is better than what we used to use for Stock orders. I like how fast and easy it is to run and create orders and I also like the feature where you can make amendments to the order before you create it.

Ryan Aird Ecodrive Transmissions Ltd
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Customers Testimonials

Our existing software package had served us well over a number of years but had become dated and was not going to meet the demands and requirements made on a modern system in today’s business environment. We looked at a number of different systems and companies and were given confidence in Merlin’s personnel at all levels being both accessible and able to handle data transfer, system implementation, on-going support and training issues. The Merlin system itself addressed key areas such as point of sale and stock control, providing a database operating platform which we felt would be an extremely important, user friendly tool to work with and enhance our business both today and in the future.
Simon WorboysManaging Director, Butterfields