Favourite Merlin Features

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“What is your favourite Merlin feature and why?”

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Favourite module/ feature?

Purchase Order Processing (POP)

What do you most like about the feature?

Very simple and easy to use.

What benefits have you seen to your job role/ business since using the feature?

My Job has become a lot easier with regards to using the POP feature, I find the Suggested purchase orders option is better than what we used to use for Stock orders. I like how fast and easy it is to run and create orders and I also like the feature where you can make amendments to the order before you create it.

Ryan Aird Ecodrive Transmissions Ltd
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Customers Testimonials

I’ve been very pleased with the implementation of the system since the outset and the way that Merlin have provided the services so that Dougfield only have to worry about on-going success of the business and not the system. I that there is so much scope within Merlin that will provide even further benefits and advantages – I’ve found the Merlin multiple depots feature has helped improve the management of our branches. The kitting module has also been a useful tool as we build bathroom ranges and provide standard packs for contract bathrooms as well as retail customers. The regular software updates that Merlin provide free, as part of their support policy have been very beneficial as new features are made available and this also ensures that the system does not stand still unlike our previous system. In particular I’ve found the rel…
Tim SticklandCommercial Director, Doughfield Plumbing Supplies