Favourite Merlin Features

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“What is your favourite Merlin feature and why?”

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Favourite module/ feature?

Purchase Order Processing (POP)

What do you most like about the feature?

Very simple and easy to use.

What benefits have you seen to your job role/ business since using the feature?

My Job has become a lot easier with regards to using the POP feature, I find the Suggested purchase orders option is better than what we used to use for Stock orders. I like how fast and easy it is to run and create orders and I also like the feature where you can make amendments to the order before you create it.

Ryan Aird Ecodrive Transmissions Ltd
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Customers Testimonials

It is nine years since we decided to go with  Merlin and we have been extremely happy with our decision. Merlin has proven to be a major success for us due to its modern and sophisticated features and its speed and ease of use. The continual improvements and enhancements made to Merlin reflect customer’s requests and Merlin’s willingness to provide and develop these within the software. We have an excellent relationship with the Merlin team, whose experience and knowledge, both of Merlin and our industry; have been key factors in our continued success with Merlin.