Fully integrated Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers

  • EDI integration
  • Multi-Company accounting with Group consolidation
  • Multi-Currency supported with exchange rate management
  • Complete historical VAT and Intrastat management
  • Instant Profilt and Loss and Balance Sheet on demand


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Sales Ledger

Aged Debtors – Easy access to and reporting of outstanding customer balances.

Account Receipts – Post cash receipts to customer accounts – linked directly to credit control, taking accounts ‘off stop’ if required.

Sales Invoices – Access to full archive and ability to re-print on demand.

Sales History – Full archive of all sales transaction history, with the ability to filter and refine results.

Credit Control – Drill down into customer balances and transactions.

Debt Letters – Three levels of debt letter, configurable by customer account.

Purchase Ledger

Aged Creditors – Easy access to and reporting of outstanding supplier balances.

Invoice Posting – Allowing for the post of expense invoices or invoices matched to orders raised within the POP module.

Purchase History – Full archive of all purchase transaction history, linked to historical purchase orders and product details.

Transaction Drill Down – into updated Nominal Ledger accounts.

Suggested Payments – Fully automated payment suggestion based on supplier payment terms and outstanding transactions on the Purchase Ledger.

Nominal Ledger

Numerous Nominal Journal Posting routines allowing manual Journal Postings or Automated Journal postings in consecutive periods or non-consecutive periods.

Prepayment and Accrual Journals – generating automatic reversal of journal postings into subsequent Journal Posting periods.

Recurring Journal Postings – allowing journals to be saved for subsequent retrieval edit and posting in the subsequent period.


Fully integrated Multi Currency Nominal Cash Book Bank Reconciliation, including:

  • Period End un-reconciled transaction reporting and
  • Historical reconciled transaction reporting


Transaction postings Including Intercompany journal postings and Group Journal postings which allow a Journal to be copied across any company in a Merlin system.

VAT Return

Full drill down from VAT Postings in to invoice posting details and ability to reprint sales invoices from VAT transaction details.

Intrastat Reporting

Fully integrated Sales and Purchase Intrastat reporting, linking the VAT return to Stock Control, Sales Ledger and Purchase Ledger with drill down into invoice details.

EC Sales Reporting

Full archive of sales invoice and customer account drill down.

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Customer testimonials:

How has Merlin helped your business to operate and grow?
How it has helped us to operate and grow has been immense and Merlin has contributed to a 20% growth year on year for us.
What are the key features for Cash and Carries?
One of the key features of a cash and carry in this industry is the ability to do sales at the front using checkout and customers moving on from the checkout and going to a cash office to pay. That requires specific configuration which is very different from a lot of the other customers in the wholesale industry. Cash and carries require a very typical set up similar to a retail environment, where customers pick their items off the shelf and walk to the checkout, it is scanned by a user, and the customer then goes and pays. Merlin offers all the functionality for us to do exactly that. Merlin has as of late done a lot of development work for us to bring it right up there with the best packages that are out there on the EPOS front to be able to control case and trolley count, which is key to security in this environment…Also a key feature of this industry is the variety of special offers which includes multi deal discounts.
What is your favourite feature?
My favourite feature of Merlin is the Control Codes together then with a wealth of different functionalities that has been added over the last few years. Control codes give Merlin the configurability that we as a business need to tailor it to suit our business.
Tobie de VosHead of Finance, SK Cash & Carry