Android Applications

Merlin’s Applications for Android™

Acknowledging the increased adoption of Mobile technology in the workplace, we’ve developed applications to allow your workforce to work smarter and more cost effectively, at both the trade counter and when working remotely:

  • Merlin CRM for Android™
  • Delivery Van Routing for Android™
  • Trade Counter Signature Capture for Android™


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Android Applications

Merlin CRM for Android™

Enable your sales force – Up-to-date customer account information whilst on-the-move or out of the office:

  • Take orders electronically and stream them back into Merlin, with no duplication of order input and for immediate picking
  • Find a customer’s address and plot the route on Google™ Maps
  • Click to dial the customer or individual contact from within the App, providing the device has calling capability
  • View contact notes, purchase history, quotes, past invoices and account status prior to or during a meeting
  • Update contact notes in real-time, ensuring all information is available company-wide

Delivery Van Routing for Android™

Complete solution for your delivery drivers – Download the delivery schedule, plot the route on Google™ Maps Navigation, send delivery updates and have customers sign for their deliveries electronically.

  • Enter the vehicle registration and date of route – The App will then download all drops, including lines and quantities for that particular route and day
  • Map out your route using Google™ Maps Navigation – Instantly plot the entire route, with live traffic information, without the need to input any post codes manually
  • Call the customer in just one click – Click the telephone icon within the delivery record and dial straight out from the device, providing the device has calling capabilities
  • Send SMS alerts – Create a library of SMS alerts to send to your customers i.e. Your ‘Merlin’ order will be with you within the next 30 minutes
  • Drill down into individual orders – Select individual orders to confirm delivery by line or complete delivery of the entire order in one click
  • Take a photo of damaged items – If any item is damaged at point of delivery, the driver can photograph this using the devices onboard camera and attach it to that particular line
  • Have customers sign for the delivery electronically – To complete the delivery have the customer sign for the goods on the device and have the image stored against the order, back in Merlin’s POD module
  • Geo Tag Data – Captured for reporting and analysis

Trade Counter Signature Capture for Android™

Live Order Information – Display orders line by line and capture electronic signatures at the trade counter.

  • Show each line ordered, an image of the product, the quantitiy ordered, the total line value and a running total of all lines ordered to the customer in real-time.
  • When the app isn’t displaying orders, you can upload four promotional images to advertise your latest offers, sale items and maybe even your new click and collect feature on your website.
  • Capture an electronic signature at the trade counter, which is then automatically attached to the delivery note/POD.

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Customer testimonials:

I’ve been very pleased with the implementation of the system since the outset and the way that Merlin have provided the services so that Dougfield only have to worry about on-going success of the business and not the system. I that there is so much scope within Merlin that will provide even further benefits and advantages – I’ve found the Merlin multiple depots feature has helped improve the management of our branches. The kitting module has also been a useful tool as we build bathroom ranges and provide standard packs for contract bathrooms as well as retail customers. The regular software updates that Merlin provide free, as part of their support policy have been very beneficial as new features are made available and this also ensures that the system does not stand still unlike our previous system. In particular I’ve found the reliable, efficient and friendly support team have provided an excellent and satisfactory service.
Tim SticklandCommercial Director, Doughfield Plumbing Supplies