Call Management

Call Management Module

Work smarter with the Call Management module from Merlin. Working with the Merlin CRM this tool is ideal:

  • Automatically populate the users diary
  • Quickly see scheduled appointments.


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Call Management Module

Working with the Merlin Contact Management (CRM) Module this is a great tool for working smarter in a proactive sales force. Schedule appointments with Customers, Prospects and Suppliers and have Merlin automatically populate your operator’s calendars. This allows them to quickly view all appointments scheduled for the next month, week, day or given date range (depending on what the user has selected).

Also works within the Accounts team when chasing payments and your Purchasing team chasing deliveries.

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Customer testimonials:

As a builder’s merchant with a wide variety of products and customers, a computer systems ability to handle a variety of stock information and complex pricing structures is key to our business. The Merlin system demonstrates this, in a fast and easy to follow way, meaning we are able to process orders both quickly and accurately. As we have grown and expanded as a business, we have required Merlin to be developed with us, and we have not been disappointed.
James NortonFrank Key