Delivery/Van Routing

Delivery/Van Routing

Effectively plan your deliveries before an order is even picked.

  • Reduce time taken to plan deliveries
  • Achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Stay compliant – reduce the risk of overloading.
  • Improve picking efficency
  • Visualise your routes


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Delivery/Van Routing

One solution

Single Source of Information – Avoid the need to purchase separate, expensive and over-complicated delivery/route planning software by utilising Merlin’s own solution, which has been designed from the outset to function as an extension of the core Merlin Modules.


Reduce time taken to plan your deliveries – No more reliance on manual clipboard systems! See your delivery orders build-up automatically. Approve the suggestion or replan routes simply by
dragging and dropping orders on to different vehicles or different dates.


Improve Picking Efficiency – Why do several individual picks for each order on the route, when Merlin can produce a single, consolidated pick for each route in bin location order? Produce the driver’s route manifest along with all the individual Delivery Notes for the route and even invoices and statements if needed.

Stay Compliant

Reduce the risk of overloading – Stay safe and legal when planning your delivery routes. Automatic tallying of order weights will indicate if the vehicle chosen for the route is within or nearing its legal weight limit, or would be overloaded even before a single item has been picked.

Save Time and Money

Save Time and Money – Plan and re-plan delivery routes quicker and easier than ever before. Instantly visualise each route using Merlin’s in-built Google Maps™ link and look to reduce your transport cost by planning the most efficient route possible.

Your Customers

Achieve Higher Levels of Customer Satisfaction – Better planning means better accuracy and happy customers who will appreciate the service you offer.

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Customer testimonials:

As a builder’s merchant with a wide variety of products and customers, a computer systems ability to handle a variety of stock information and complex pricing structures is key to our business. The Merlin system demonstrates this, in a fast and easy to follow way, meaning we are able to process orders both quickly and accurately. As we have grown and expanded as a business, we have required Merlin to be developed with us, and we have not been disappointed.
James NortonFrank Key