Document Management

Document Management

Keep track of all your documents within Merlin. With Merlin’s Document Management Module you can store documents against their relevant orders etc.

  • Drag and Drop files, for easier storage
  • Print and scan barcodes to easily manage non-Merlin documents
  • Automatically recognise picking lists


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Document Management Module

Not just for Purchase Orders – Do your customers/suppliers send you orders via email, fax or post? Now you can store these files against the corresponding order:

  • Documents can be scanned and saved against the relevant customer/supplier
  • E-mails can be stored to save time searching your inbox
  • Works for invoices, delivery notes, picking lists and many more…
  • Can also be used for scanned documents such as documents, e-mails, design files and images etc.

Drag & Drop Files

Make file storage easier with the drag and drop function.

  • Simply locate the file, and drag and drop it into Merlin
  • Files can be taken from anywhere, including e-mail, scanner or network.

Picking lists made easy

Picking lists made easy.

  • Print and scan barcodes to help with picking lists
  • Automatically recognise Merlin generated picking lists via the barcode for easy scanning and management
  • Add barcodes to non-Merlin document for ease of management and recognition by Merlin.

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Customer testimonials:

Our existing software package had served us well over a number of years but had become dated and was not going to meet the demands and requirements made on a modern system in today’s business environment. We looked at a number of different systems and companies and were given confidence in Merlin’s personnel at all levels being both accessible and able to handle data transfer, system implementation, on-going support and training issues. The Merlin system itself addressed key areas such as point of sale and stock control, providing a database operating platform which we felt would be an extremely important, user friendly tool to work with and enhance our business both today and in the future.
Simon WorboysManaging Director, Butterfields