Document Management

Document Management

Keep track of all your documents within Merlin. With Merlin’s Document Management Module you can store documents against their relevant orders etc.

  • Drag and Drop files, for easier storage
  • Print and scan barcodes to easily manage non-Merlin documents
  • Automatically recognise picking lists


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Document Management Module

Not just for Purchase Orders – Do your customers/suppliers send you orders via email, fax or post? Now you can store these files against the corresponding order:

  • Documents can be scanned and saved against the relevant customer/supplier
  • E-mails can be stored to save time searching your inbox
  • Works for invoices, delivery notes, picking lists and many more…
  • Can also be used for scanned documents such as documents, e-mails, design files and images etc.

Drag & Drop Files

Make file storage easier with the drag and drop function.

  • Simply locate the file, and drag and drop it into Merlin
  • Files can be taken from anywhere, including e-mail, scanner or network.

Picking lists made easy

Picking lists made easy.

  • Print and scan barcodes to help with picking lists
  • Automatically recognise Merlin generated picking lists via the barcode for easy scanning and management
  • Add barcodes to non-Merlin document for ease of management and recognition by Merlin.

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Customer testimonials:

As a builder’s merchant with a wide variety of products and customers, a computer systems ability to handle a variety of stock information and complex pricing structures is key to our business. The Merlin system demonstrates this, in a fast and easy to follow way, meaning we are able to process orders both quickly and accurately. As we have grown and expanded as a business, we have required Merlin to be developed with us, and we have not been disappointed.
James NortonFrank Key