Production Control

Production Control

Seamlessly extend control of production environments and Work-in-Progress (WIP) processes directly into other Merlin modules.

  • Real-time comprehensive on-screen monitoring of WIP
  • Full traceability on BOM, raw materials and operator
  • Total costs & profitability immediately available on completion of each job
  • Shop Floor Data Collection
  • Merlin is designed to integrate with Preactor™


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Production Control

One solution

Peace of mind – Merlin avoids the need to purchase
separate accounting, distribution and production systems and overcomes the age old problem of trying to get multiple systems to work as one. Unique to Merlin, this capability provides a single, integrated solution covering all manufacturing and commercial aspects of a business, from Enquiry, Sales and Purchase Order Processing and Stock Control, through WIP updates and monitoring, to Invoicing and on to final accounts.

Give your production team the right tools

No more production chasing – With emphasis on assisting the production team, Merlin provides real-time comprehensive on-screen monitoring of WIP and enquiry facilities; ensuring maximum profitability by keeping tight control over WIP and costs.

Shop floor data collection

Know now, not later – Merlin’s Production Module extends directly on to the shop floor, enabling staff to update WIP in real time from the work centre using traditional job/route cards produced by Merlin and utilising low cost barcode scanners.

Take control of issues as they arise, as appose to reacting after the event.

Capacity planning

Replan production with ease – Merlin is designed to integrate with Preactor™, the World Leader in Production Planning and Scheduling software.


Eliminate the need for separate database or paper-based traceability systems – Merlin records all of this as standard.

What’s more, Merlin maintains an archive of this information indefinitely and can be interrogated on screen or by using Microsoft™ ODBC or SQL queries.

Traceability includes

  • Full BOM traceability
  • – see all materials used, even for repeat jobs including any specific variations and
    subcontract work.

  • Material traceability
  • – see all details of materials used including specific batch/lot records including test certificates, certificates of conformity,
    metallurgical analysis and even original scanned documents.

  • Operator traceability
  • – see all details of the workforce involved at any stage of any historical job – including time taken, scrappage, etc.

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Customer testimonials:

Merlin suited the company’s need in 2000 and continues to do so now. Improvements to the system over the years have reflected customers’ requests; certainly things that we wanted to see added are now all there. Merlin Business Software also offers excellent support and backup. Our business has grown significantly over the last 4 years and Merlin has kept pace. The host operating system and overall Merlin environment have also been tremendously stable, giving the impression of a mature and well proven system.