Purchase Order Processing

Purchase Order Processing (POP)

Fully integrated and working dynamically with Stock Management, Merlin’s POP module facilitates real-time, accurate stock replenishment.

  • Suggested reordering with trend forecasting
  • Back-to-backs, Directs and Back Orders
  • Send enquiries to multiple supplies via email,
    fax and EDI output
  • Store manufacturers products and price books,
    including part numbers


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Purchase Order Processing

Suggested Purchase Orders

Optimise stocking levels to current trading

Automate your purchasing process and make it as simple as possible without losing control.

Review, amend and generate the purchase orders in one process from a wide choice of selection criteria, such as:

  • Number of weeks stock
  • Range of suppliers
  • Range of product groups
  • Seasonality
  • Lead time

Append new suggested orders to existing ones for bulk purchase opportunities, reduced carriage charges and create less paperwork.

Purchase Order review

Management approval of POs before final release.

Placing Orders

Distribute POs by suppliers’ preferred method

Merlin automatically selects the predifined mode, per supplier, in one process.

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Print

Goods Received

Book-in 100+ line orders in seconds

Auto-match lines on the GRN to the originating Purchase Order and quickly handle discrepancies – barcode scanning optional.

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Customer testimonials:

Our existing software package had served us well over a number of years but had become dated and was not going to meet the demands and requirements made on a modern system in today’s business environment. We looked at a number of different systems and companies and were given confidence in Merlin’s personnel at all levels being both accessible and able to handle data transfer, system implementation, on-going support and training issues. The Merlin system itself addressed key areas such as point of sale and stock control, providing a database operating platform which we felt would be an extremely important, user friendly tool to work with and enhance our business both today and in the future.
Simon WorboysManaging Director, Butterfields