Choose from a suite of predefined reports, accessible from within Merlin or create, share and schedule your own.

  • Point and click to run over 70 business critical reports, covering all areas of the system
  • Over 130 additional customer driven reports are also available
  • Harnesses the capabilities of Crystal Reports to produce bespoke reports, specific to your business
  • Create, run and schedule reports and share with relevant staff and departments


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Getting you started…

Merlin hosts over 70 reports – These business critical reports cover all areas of the system:

  • Sales Order Processing
  • Stock Control
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Contact Management (CRM)
  • Financials
  • Production Control

Point and click means you can quickly and easily run reports on given criteria, with numerous options to display, print and export the results.

Merlin management reporting suite

Over 130 additional customer driven reports are also available – written with Crystal Reports, these give you the flexibility to amend them to best suite your business requirements.

Bespoke Reporting

Industry standard – Merlin harnesses the capabilities of Crystal Reports, enabling you to produce reports on all data held within your Merlin system.

Embed your bespoke reports to your Merlin menu and only permit users access to the reports they need to see or you’re happy for them to see.

Create and share your own reports – With our comprehensive training you can empower all or particular members of your team to create and schedule specific, fundamental reports and share them with relevant staff and departments.

Don’t have the time or resource? – Our experienced Training and Implementation team are available to write reports to your specification for an additional fee.

Running and Scheduling Reports

Reports can be run repeatedly with automatically refreshed data for upto-the-minute results, with the ability to schedule and run key reports at specific times and/ or for specific users.

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Customer testimonials:

John Taylor Fasteners
How has Merlin helped your business grow?
Merlin has allowed us to better define our activity in a number of market places. When we were purely servicing the fasteners it was a very narrow and bespoke field, we had to learn as we go with that diversification, and the quality of information we have been able to extract from Merlin has allowed us to act upon and grow into new places.
What are your favourite Merlin features?
The elements of Merlin we have particularly appreciated as a business are it’s a very simple package to pick up. It’s a very intuitive learning curve for new staff joining the business. Being a small family company and not having a dedicated IT department, or training HR department it’s a very important asset in terms of cost and how easily it integrates new staff into the business.
Equally there are other benefits within its functionality that we found very much a time saver. There is an import facility that allows us to bring pricing in from our suppliers in the form of csv or excel documents, which allows us to update and constantly stay on top of prices changes, which was a very manually intensive process prior to introducing Merlin.
Mark GosneyCommercial Manager, John Taylor Fasteners