Sales Order Processing

Sales Order Processing (SOP)


Create sales orders and quotations quickly and easily via the web, trade counter and back office telesales.

  • Offer alternative products where a product is out of stock or has been discontinued, with on screen prompts
  • Automatically apply a customers saved special prices
  • Cherry pick from a customers previous orders
  • Cross-sell with on screen linked items prompts
  • See the affect that discounts have on your margins in real time and protect your margins


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Sales Order Processing

Customer Special Pricing

Quickly and easily set-up customer special pricing in a number of ways for individual accounts or groups of customers

Sales Order routines

Purchase History – see at-aglance the customer’s previous purchase price of any product, with the ability to drill down and view all previous purchases.

Cherry Pick – duplicate previous orders, cherry pick and load items from previous orders or search your customers entire purchase history for a specific product.

Haggle – instantly see the affect that discounts have on your margins, enabling you to protect them when negotiating with a customer on a single item – what’s more, the haggled price can be saved away as the customers special price.


Web Services tool Set Merlin’s fully integrated web applications allow you to make the most of the opportunities of trading online, whether you’re already doing so or looking to develop your online presence. Allow new customers to find you and apply for an account online and give your existing customers access to manage all their account details

Proof of Delivery (POD)

Document imaging Improve cash flow and reduce paper chasing by instantly overcoming disputes with an electronic archive of all signed proof of delivery notes and purchase invoices.

Automatically associated with customer accounts by barcode when scanned, these can then be emailed or faxed directly to your customers from within.

Purchase and Credit Card Integration

AdFlex and Verifone

Chip and Pin – Merlin integrates with Verifone to process payments via debit and credit card.

Customer not present – Similarly AdFlex integrates with Merlin, enabling you to take payments over the telephone.

Notes and Warnings

Set warnings and/ or require authorisation when a user attempts to process an order outside a given parameter i.e. minimum gross profit margin. Notes can be set to appear to remind staff to get customer order numbers or to advise the customer that their payment is overdue.

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Customer testimonials:

John Taylor Fasteners
How has Merlin helped your business grow?
Merlin has allowed us to better define our activity in a number of market places. When we were purely servicing the fasteners it was a very narrow and bespoke field, we had to learn as we go with that diversification, and the quality of information we have been able to extract from Merlin has allowed us to act upon and grow into new places.
What are your favourite Merlin features?
The elements of Merlin we have particularly appreciated as a business are it’s a very simple package to pick up. It’s a very intuitive learning curve for new staff joining the business. Being a small family company and not having a dedicated IT department, or training HR department it’s a very important asset in terms of cost and how easily it integrates new staff into the business.
Equally there are other benefits within its functionality that we found very much a time saver. There is an import facility that allows us to bring pricing in from our suppliers in the form of csv or excel documents, which allows us to update and constantly stay on top of prices changes, which was a very manually intensive process prior to introducing Merlin.
Mark GosneyCommercial Manager, John Taylor Fasteners