System Control

System Control

Customise Merlin to suit your business, without the need for bespoke modifications.

  • Manage access to all areas of the system at user and group level
  • Full audit trail of entries made on the system, perfect for when errors or discrepancies are found
  • Save time and money on printing and postage


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System Control

User Profiles and Personalisation

Manage access to all areas of the system at user and group level – User profiling allows you to limit your staff to viewing the relevant parts of Merlin needed to perform their role and at the same time enables you to protect sensitive information.

Personalisation of Merlin – Everything from embedding your logo on outgoing documentation and customising layouts to users having the ability to personalise how the information on screen is displayed.

Control Codes

Tailor Merlin to be specific to your business – Governed by control codes the entire Merlin system can be specifically tailored to meet the requirements of your business with simple on/ off switches.

System Logging

Who, what, Where, When? – A full audit trail of all entries made in the system by user, depot, date and time gives management full traceability where errors and discrepancies are found.


Set to dynamically alert designated members of the team of potential problems in real-time, so immediate action can be taken, i.e

  • A salesman discounts too heavily
  • A credit limit has been or is about to be exceeded
  • When a special stock item is created

Email and Fax

Save hundreds of pounds on printing and postage – Set-up cutomer and supplier records with their preferred method of receiving documentation and let the system automatically take care of the rest.

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Customer testimonials:

As a builder’s merchant with a wide variety of products and customers, a computer systems ability to handle a variety of stock information and complex pricing structures is key to our business. The Merlin system demonstrates this, in a fast and easy to follow way, meaning we are able to process orders both quickly and accurately. As we have grown and expanded as a business, we have required Merlin to be developed with us, and we have not been disappointed.
James NortonFrank Key