Hosted Services

Hosted Services

  • Hosted Email Solutions with Merlin Messenger
  • Hosted SPAM and Anti – Virus Detection with Merlin Protect
  • Hosted Backup MX Service with Merlin Repository
  • Hosted Off site backup with Merlin Data Vault

If you currently use our hosted services and would like a status update please call: +44 (0)1246 457 170

Hosted Email Solutions with Merlin Messenger

Melrin understand that not all businesses can afford to employ a mail server on site and therefore have developed a hosted cloud based email solution. This allows us to deliver the same as level of service as having the server on your site without the overhead of investment in hardware and software.

Hosted SPAM and Anti – Virus Detection with Merlin Protect

This software will “launder” your email before it arrives at your site. The software detects SPAM and Virus’ and blocks / cleans the mail so that you can rest assured that the messages you are receiving are good and no time is wasted wading through the plethora of mail in your inbox.

This extended service was developed and has the following benefits:

  • Reduce traffic coming through your broadband as you only receive the good emails.
  • Bolt on service for existing mail servers that do not have this facility.

Hosted Backup MX Service with Merlin Repository

Utilise our mail repository service to ensure that you have access to the vital emails should your server fail or broadband link fail. This service was designed to ensure that in the failures beyond your control, you can still have access to those essential mail items. Email is such an important part of most businesses these days that loss of email will result in loss of orders and business. The Merlin Repository service offers the ability of catching email until your server is back up and running or access via any Internet connect to a web based connection so that the messages can be confidentially examined and responded to.

Hosted Off site backup with Merlin Data Vault

Remove anxiety over your data by subscribing to the Merlin Data Vault service. Your data will then be securely copied via the internet to our hosted servers. This service is not restricted to Servers, but open to workstations and laptops also. The Data Vault is monitored by Merlin and support in full by our engineering team.

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Hosted Services:



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Technical Services

Merlin has a team of highly skilled Technical Engineers able to provide business solutions to work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. For more information please contact our Engineering Manager on 01246 457150 or email us on

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