Internet Security

Internet Security

Security in a business infrastructure is a very high priority and therefore it is crucial that your business is protected correctly.

  • Internet Access
  • Internet Control & Firewall
  • Secure VPN Delivery
  • Browsing
  • Internet Monitoring & Reporting
  • Prevention of Intrusion Attacks
  • Inter site Links
  • Security Evaluation and Consultation
  • Anti- Virus


Internet Access
In most businesses Internet Access plays a huge part. Whether is via email or browsing, the method that your business connects to the Internet needs to be secure in order to protect you from external attacks via your broadband or viral infection.

Internet Control & Firewall
Utilising software provided by Kerio we are able to assist you with monitoring Internet access, blocking and allowing sites by working hours or user login. This may range from restrictive acces to social networking pages or web based email to more severe restrictions prenting access to unauthorised sites.

Secure VPN Delivery
The Kerio Control product also incorporates a secure VPN server that can provide remote connectivity for your users from the outside world to your network, making remote work easier and more accessible to your staff. This negates need for end users to take up valuable time travelling to and from the office when working out of (or maybe during) standard working hours. Indeed the kind of connectivity can be heavily employed when weather conditions may prohibit your end users from getting to the office and therefore you are not restricted by these factors.

Utilising the web filter software within Kerio Control to ensure your staff can browse the Internet safely, secure in the knowledge that they are under controlled access and continuous protection.

Internet Monitoring & Reporting
The Kerio Control software has a conclusive web based report facility where you can inspect traffic, sites visited, capacity and download by user or by time period for analysis of your staff’s activity.

Prevention of Intrusion Attacks
Utilising the skills accrued over many years of experience our engineering team can help you pick the best product that meets your needs, be it hardware or software.

Inter site Links
Using the expertise and knowledge from within the engineering department we are able to offer many different solutions to provide secure inter-site or VPN links. We take advantage of our software partners and also software solutions that can be obtained from within the open source community, applying our expert configurations to reduce the overall cost of the solution you may choose.

Security Evaluation and Consultation
Utilise our consultation services to gain an expert appraisal report and any recommendations on your network infrastructure. Our engineers have been trained in many different techniques of delivering a secure environment. We are able to identify any weaknesses or vulnerabilities that your current configuration may have and offer experienced solutions that will leave you and your staff at ease in the knowledge that these have been resolved.

Anti- Virus
Merlin prides itself in the partnership with AVG antivirus software solutions. Their suite of programs gives us a wide base to offer our customers solutions that range from single PC to Network cover.

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Internet Security:



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Technical Services

Merlin has a team of highly skilled Technical Engineers able to provide business solutions to work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. For more information please contact our Engineering Manager on 01246 457150 or email us on

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