Server Solutions

Server Solutions

Based on Fujitsu hardware, Merlin Business Software can offer a wide range of server based solutions. Ranging from small single servers to more complexed virtual or clustered environments, our engineering team are proficient and certified in , Microsoft, Linux and SCO.


We offer Terminal Server based (or Server Based Computing (SBC)) solutions, where your servers will hold and control applications and access. This allows the end user to invest in the thin technologies that are in the marketplace. Whether this is delivered via Thin Client Terminals or WinTerms, these devices offer a lower carbon footprint than a standard workstation at a hugely reduced 9W compared to the standard 450W consumption of a modern workstation.

Deploying these devices will in turn reduce the need to maintain, update (with Windows updates) and upgrade the standard workstation in an organisation as all this is stored and controlled by the server. The devices no longer contain application software or operating systems as all applications are stored centrally on the server, which also provides a Windows environment for the user to operate.

Upgrades and security is easily managed in one central location and Windows workstation Operating System errors are removed as servers deliver the desktop the end users. There is no concern as to data loss on your workstation as the thin terminals are also diskless; ensuring that all your user and central data is stored on the central servers and therefore backuped up as part of the server’s daily routine. Server expansion and network growth become easier, as your company grows the technology has been designed to be scalable and servers are easily added to the existing “farm”.

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Server Solutions:



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Merlin has a team of highly skilled Technical Engineers able to provide business solutions to work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. For more information please contact our Engineering Manager on 01246 457150 or email us on

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