After you’ve gone live on Merlin, our support team are on hand to offer assistance and deal with any technical issues that may arise.

  • Dedicated ongoing assistance
  • Remote support
  • Specialist Support
  • UK call centre – 8AM – 6PM, Monday to Thursday and 8AM – 5PM on Friday


Dedicated assistance

We fully appreciate the stresses a change in software can bring – therefore in order to give you the support you’ll require during the first couple of weeks, post go-live, you are assigned the dedicated assistance of a client services manager.

Ongoing Support

Available 8AM – 6PM, Monday to Thursday and 8AM – 5PM on Friday, the Support Team are on hand to offer assistance with any technical issues that arise. Once logged, calls are assessed, prioritised and assigned to the technician who is deemed best to service your issue(s).

Specialist Support

In addition to our Software Technicians, there is always a Duty Trainer and Duty Engineer available to ensure all issues can be resolved as quickly as possible.

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Customer testimonials:

How has Merlin helped your business to operate and grow?
How it has helped us to operate and grow has been immense and Merlin has contributed to a 20% growth year on year for us.
What are the key features for Cash and Carries?
One of the key features of a cash and carry in this industry is the ability to do sales at the front using checkout and customers moving on from the checkout and going to a cash office to pay. That requires specific configuration which is very different from a lot of the other customers in the wholesale industry. Cash and carries require a very typical set up similar to a retail environment, where customers pick their items off the shelf and walk to the checkout, it is scanned by a user, and the customer then goes and pays. Merlin offers all the functionality for us to do exactly that. Merlin has as of late done a lot of development work for us to bring it right up there with the best packages that are out there on the EPOS front to be able to control case and trolley count, which is key to security in this environment…Also a key feature of this industry is the variety of special offers which includes multi deal discounts.
What is your favourite feature?
My favourite feature of Merlin is the Control Codes together then with a wealth of different functionalities that has been added over the last few years. Control codes give Merlin the configurability that we as a business need to tailor it to suit our business.
Tobie de VosHead of Finance, SK Cash & Carry